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Celebrity Psychologist Working in Television

Reality TV:   Arthurs role as a psychological expert with two decades of telly behind him, focuses on bringing his authentic psychological insights into high profile reality tv stars onscreen performance.  He has written copiously in the tabloids redtops and broadsheets on high profile entertainment shows such as Celebrity Big Brother,  I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here Now, Strictly Come Dancing and the controversial Love Island. TV Producers year after year love to hear his personality insights and analysis of group behaviours, emotions, jealously, gaslighting, romances, leadership traits and acts of social bonding and who is in control..   

GB News:   Over the past few years Arthur has been interviewed on a regular basis as a psychological celebrity expert on The Royal Family, besides World Political leaders such as President Trump, Boris Johnston, Rishi Sunak, and more often than not, Russia's autocrat President Vladimir Putin. With his academic background in Political psychology, Arthur is frequently consulted by international journalists to bring his personality insights into their underlying motives and specific traits that bring about their behaviour.

Studio Panel:   Dr Arthur loves to enter critical debate of breaking news stories and is often a very entertaining contributor either on the sofa, with Mark Dolan or Andrew Doyle or Patrick Christy, also down the line interviews. Recently Arthur has been a guest on The Trisha Goddard Show on Talk TV, discussing mental health which is his passion, and also illuminating breaking news stories on celebrities relationships, Northern Ireland politics, also the Royals. He has a psychological interest in faith and beliefs, besides Positive psychology Health & Wellbeing.

Dr. Arthur Cassidy is a well known TV personality expert who comes from Northern Ireland, a former university academic with a major psychological interest in Celebrities both here in the UK and in the USA.  He has had a deep interest over the years in the Royal family seeing the late Queen Elizabeth II and Duke of Edinburgh, and all the Royal family on their regular visits to Hillsborough Castle outside Belfast.  Over the years he has followed the various members of the Royal family both here and abroad both as celebrities, and also as a family who are constantly in the limelight.  Arthur has observed years of variations in their distinctive personality types and traits by systematic analysis of their narratives, video footage, interviews, traumas and how they have survived as the Monarchy. He frequently helps seasoned press and television journalists who also specialize in the Royal family, with exclusive insights into the motives that underpin their decisions and social behaviours.

As a mental health expert and celebrity psychologist, Dr Arthur has made a dynamic and energetic impact to contemporary television programmes by bringing a fresh insight into evidence based psychological aspects of a wide range of topics on human behaviour seen in today’s terrestrial channels.


“Dr. Cassidy is a confident and obviously knowledgeable media performer. I was instantly struck by his warmth and ability to communicate in ways that the audience will understand. He is always extremely well prepared, polite and professional. I would highly recommend him as an expert contributor to any broadcaster. “

Pete Walter,   “ Deal with the Media”

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